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OK, This is good music

so, like, whats a powerplay?

there was this story that i caught myself telling
again and again

there were these nights
where i found myself
time and time
over and over

there were so many tears
so many fears
all those times spent dreaming

so many times that
we were together
do you remember all of the fights
we got ourselves into

the nights youd go home bloodied
and i wouldnt go home at all

living on emotion
losing our tomorrows for tonights
i had never felt so alive
again and again
time and time

theres nothing quite like
the way the music plays

theres nothing quite like
these days

theres nothing like the way you know me
nothing like the way we scream
tear our throats out when we hate us

there were never any subtle clues
just lovely words
again and again

you know i loved the way you fumbled
but only for awhile
the way you cursed me
on the day that your band died

there were our oaths
that night
to love each other and together to die
and thats just what weve been doing
over and over
again and again

sleeping on the streets
wed never been so clean

what goods it do to get your act together
when the plays already ruined
when both our scripts are all torn up
the dramas never over
call it tragedy
our props all ruined
our filthy costumes strewn across the basement floor

over and over
over and over

and i can still remember
the way your hair was cute
when you were soaked
in us

in night

in this city
in its fake florescent lights

there was this story that i caught myself missing
again and again
living on emotion
for all of those years

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