asklepiades (asklepiades) wrote,

Staple and Burden of a Day

So tonight we rawked out with a concert.

Me Scott Aliyah Bridger Dustin and the other person with my name went to Sacred Grounds Coffeeshop where for four dollars we got to get cool X's on our hands in green sharpie. (and we also got to listen to Staple and Burden of a Day)

I had an amazing time, and there were lots of cool people there. Lots of kids younger than us, lots of black, some trenchcoats, etc. etc. The place was a little bigger than I had expected; there weren't to many people but there were enough, and as one of the bands pointed out, they were energetic--and they were. The people were energetic enough to make it a solid turnout, despite the fact that I had been expecting more people. The music was LOUD and really good. Well, not abundantly loud, but louder than I had expected. Decently loud. But it was a loud type of music, lots of screaming-ish, and the best part was the whole thing was christian. Which did show. In the people, and in the music. And so I let myself get into it.

I want to say I liked Burden of a Day better than Staple, but I really can't, because I experienced them in different ways. (Burden of a Day was the opening band; Staple was the main one)

And so I moshed, and I moshed pretty hard. Sefie and Ryan would have been proud. Dustin did too, and so did Bridger later. And I know Aliyah would've.

Afterwards Burden of a Day was all sold out of the right t-shirt sizes, but I did purchase some Staple paraphanelia. Scott almost lost his debit card. This one cool girl Aliyah knew was attacked by a werewolf (or possibly weresquirrel). Bridger is ticklish somewhere, possibly his eyes. I drank an entire water bottle in one go, and not so much because i was thirsty, but because my water supply in my dormroom is low. I could have kept the concert up for a few more hours. And thats the beauty if it, isn't it? The energy of the concert is completely emptying yourself of all your energy, all your strenght, everything that you've built up, and then to keep at it, when everything else is pushed aside and all that's left is you, pushing your limits, expanding, refreshing, exhausting.

Good time had by all?

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