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I took a breif trip to Animesuki today. Now, Animesuki used to be the only place I got my anime from, but let's face it. For burning purposes, which are necessary when your computer is out of memory, its much more practical to dl whole series at a time rather than individual episodes. And yes it's true that I've gotten into the bad habit of watching things dubbed again (tsk tsk). However, for the classic stuff, like Hellsing or Gundam or Trigun, it just seemed more appropriate. So basically, since I've arrived at college, I've changed from the legal to the less legal anime scene. Alas. Anyway, that was all off topic.
I was meaning to mention my breif visit to Animesuki. In the couple of minutes I spent at the site I saw many things which made me happy. This is a good sign, implying that were I to throughly investigate the site I would find many more things. Anyway, it's all sequal news. And most of it I already knew, but reminders of such things are good.
Futakoi Alternative is still slowly making its way out, around episode 10 or 11 right now i think.
Rozen Maiden has a sequal!! big news! although it'll probably be awhile till its completely out, it'll be worth the wait, I'm sure.
Mai Otome is still out there, although it could be forever until its all the way out.
D.C.S.S. is coming along well, which just makes me happy. Da Capo was one of my first dled animes, and despite its obvious fan service efforts (generally to be expected from anime based off of that sort of video game) is still one of my favorite.

so isnt that just exciting??
i thought so.

In other news, yesterday and today I watched Bleach, and I must say: it got better. In fact, it continued getting better, pretty much up until the last several episodes, in which I think the creators 'overdid' their knack for incorporating the outrageous. That one character they meet (with the boar) and Ichigo's quarrels take up way to much screen time, especially that close to the end of the series season. On that note, I was not expecting (apparently nor was I thinking) season one to be related to season two. Rather, I had failed to notice the ongoing nature of Bleach. I generally don't get involved with continuing 'TV' series, but oh well. It was good. It was great, actually. I'm going for the second season as soon as I can clear up some space on my harddrive. Bruning Key would probably be the quickest way. I'm not in that much of a rush though, so I'm willing to wait a few days. Come to think of it, since I finished [re]watching Tenchi in Tokyo the other day, I could burn that. Hmm. I'm also presently in the process of obtaining W - Wish to further satisfy my desire for based-off-dating-sim-esque-games anime. (i.e. Da Capo, Yami to Boushi to Hon no Tabibito, Yumeria(sorta), Futakoi, and so on. Thats not the best way to describe these grouped together games, but it suffices. They are almost all based on games though.
So I hope W - Wish is good; i still need to watch Seraphim Call. And finish Trigun. And maybe finish Elfen Lied. If i feel like it.
At the rate I'm going, I'll probably burn R.O.D. before I get around to finishing it, but alas. One day I'll have to go back and watch all the things I burned before ever getting to see. Like the rest of Violinist of Hamelin, Piano, Kanon, Paranoia Agent, and so on. And I still hope I can find a torrent for Kino's Journey.
That's the last 'transition anime,' shows that I bought the first couple volumes of right before I stopped buying and started dling. Well, I guess I could look to dl Neo Ranga, but that's not a priority. I've gotten Someday's Dreamers, Saikano, and Shrine of the Morning Mist. Lol. Thinking about it, there was one other anime I never finished, but I do't group it with those because it was from a previous set that I went after, and instead of only getting one volume, I got all but one volume. FFU. Someday.

Well, I'd better get going. I still have work to do tonight. Chicken Little. Ha.

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