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Menu Project..............thurs
Paper Abstract...........mon
Update GNB...............mon

Well I suppose it's update time.
I haven't done to much recently, aside from class during the days and talking to Sarah during the evenings. Which works as far as I'm concerned. Thanksgiving is soon, and if anyone hasn't heard about the event that I'm trying to plan, hear: I want people to come over Tuesday night (the 22nd). Until sometime Wednesday. Who am I including in people? Whoever is able of the following list: Myself, Sarah, Scott, Beka, Welesley, Carol, Ed, Erin, Danny, Cyndi, Ryan, Sarrah.
I probably won't be in till around nine, actually.

But Thanksgiving is so close its exciting. In other news, there is no news.

Trigun's starting to catch on. It's interesting. Rather than start off with something strong, it began somewhat randomly, and as it progresses I realize that there's something much deeper that's actually been there all along. Fun.

It rained today.

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