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Stolen from Sarrah; I'm only taking this because it asks if I've ever eaten a dog.

Time started:8:56
Name: NIck Hatter
Single or Taken: taken. wonderfully taken.
Sex: M
Birthday: may 21
Siblings: a seef
Eye Color: brown
Shoe size: i know this..why??
Height: 6 4 ish i really dont remember exactly
What are you wearing right now: WELL... no, um.. ( ^^; ) black jeans and my [favorite] NERV shirt.. because theres snow
Where do you live: presently WESt lafayette, IN, but in about two weeks itll be louisville again
Righty or lefty: Left.
Can you make a dollar in change right now?: I can make a dollar change right now. yaha!
(Relationships) Who are your closest friends: Sarah, Scott, Erin, Wes, Sarrah, Ryan (sorta in order..not exactly) (maybe by 2s or something)
Do you have a BF or GF?: why yes i do.
Best place to go for a date: anywhere with sarah.
Where is your fav places to shop: shop? me? Target!Walmart!w00t! (and more recently, Home Depot, as it has the most useful things..)
Favorite kind of pants: bondage.
Color: black.
Number: 125.
Boys Name: i dont remember.
Girls Name: Sarah :)
Animal: i dont wanna tell you!!
Drink: Water!!
Sport(s): booo
----Football: BOOOO
Basketball: w/e
Hockey: might work..but sorta obscure
Month(s): May, November, maybe..dont hold me to this though.. ive never really picked one
Juice: Crangrape (followed by white peach grape juics, or whatever it was called, ryan)
Finger: whichever one of sarahs i can bite. :)
Breakfast: ANY. ALL. i could list them all here, but since i have some other names for things, i wont bother. BUT ALL BREAKFAST
Favorite cartoon character: Tatiana (sp?), Alucard, Subaru, Hikaru, Rukia, Ichigo
Have you ever: Given anyone a bath: nope. O_o (is this a good or bad thing not to have done??)
Smoked:.. no, never.
Bungeed: not yet...
Made yourself throw-up: dont think so. though technically all the processes involved are, in another way of looking at it, every time.
Gone skinny dipping: No.
Eaten a dog: w00t! this is the best question EVER. no.
Put your tongue on a frozen pole: no, i dont think so,..maybe in a dream once..
Loved someone so much it made you cry?: yes, definately.
Broken a bone: dont think so.
Played truth or dare: i fail at this game. (yes, only once or twice though)
Been in a physical fight: ryan..?
Been on a plane: yes.
Come close to dying: you have no idea.
Been in a sauna: yes..there was one in a hotel once..
Been in a hot tub: yes! good times! if ours is working during christmas.......
Swam in the ocean: yep. alot of times. several of which were the bset times.
Fallen asleep in school: i did yesterday..but before that i dont think so..
Ran away?: i.. i dont think so, but..
Broken someone's heart: i'm afraid i have. :(
Cried when someone died: No.
Cried in school: im sure i have.
Saved AIM conversations: Every. Last. One. (Thats Right, Im Stalking YOU.)
Saved e-mails: um...theyre already SAVED. theyre EMAILS.
Fallen for one of your best friends? sorta.. the 'falling for' and 'best friends' were sorta simultaneous
Made out with JUST a friend?: *shrugs*
Used someone: sure.
Been cheated on?: no, never.
(What is...) Your good luck charm: aint got one (bunny killers are going to DIE, btw)
Best song you ever heard: Kiss Me ~(Sixpence None the Richer) (its my favorite at least)
Stupidest thing you have ever done: id be afraid to try and figure that out.
What's your room like: think...empty water bottles.. :)
Last thing you said: something like "wait! oh, nevermind..goodbye."
What is beside you: Jumping Shrimp and shortbread cookies
Last thing u ate: wonderful wonderful shortbread cookie
What kind of shampoo do you use?: something or other.. (lol, none)
Best things tat has happened to you this year: finding someone, and someone finding me
(Have you had...) Chicken pox: pssh, no.
Sore Throat: like..100,000 times.
Stitches: at home.. tho sarahs sent to college with her.. i wanted to bring mine down, but they wouldnt fit (they were the last thing). maybe january...
Broken nose: nope.
Believe in love at first sight: yes. even if (who was it, matt?) doesnt/didnt
Have picnics: once upon a time..
Like school: the leanring, but not the messed up system, and NOT all the work and NOT the excesssive tests/quizzes/projects.
What schools have you gone to: Greater Atlanta Christian, Rockbridge Elementary, State Bridge Crossing Elementary, Christian Academy of Louisville, Purdue University
If you were stuck on an island, what people would you want with you: sarah.
Who was the last person that called you: Scott, and before him, Sarah.
Who was the last person you slow danced with: sarah? yes.. i think twas..
What makes you smile? sarah
(Who is the last person:)You Kissed?: sarah
broke your heart: i probably do that to myself..(if that makes sense)
Who told you they loved you: *not-for-lj-answer*
Is your loudest friend?: WESLEY, OBVIOUSLY. (no, um..sparks talks the most...sefies pretty loud. ^^ (is she my friend?) sefie+treni=loudest friend. diana+her friend = very loud too. cy.. hm i dunno.
Do you like filling these out: If they ask about Eating Dogs, then yes, i do.
Do you wear contacts or glasses: secret?
Do you get along with your family: if theyl get along better with each other
Stolen anything over $50: scotts practically stolen that much from me, so go ask him this. (no)
(Do you/Are You:) Compulsive? oh yes.
Anorexic? no.
Suicidal? who knows. i try not to be
(Final questions...) How many people are you sending this to: this is LIVEJOURNAL. this is BLOG. get with the times. ^^; jk
What did you do yesterday: workworkworkworkworkworkworkworkclassworkclassworkclass, talk to sarah :), sleep, talk to sarah :)
Hated someone in your family: no.
Gotten any awards: yes.
What car do you wish to have: one that can take me to murray ("..when every thursday, id brave those mountain passes, and you skip your early classes..")
Where do you want to get married? i havent thought about that yet
If you could change something about yourself, what would it be?: ,olkmmijunhy7vtd
Good driver: heh. suuuuuurrre.
Good Singer: i had sorta convinced myself of that (after years and years and years of being waaay self-concious.) then i played kareoke revolution. x__x
Good Dance: im not bad, i just have never learned.
Have a lava lamp: at house.
How many remote controls are in your house: id say like.. definately at least 20, probably way more.
Are you double jointed: not all that much so
What do you dream about?: crystal wearing my shirt *shudders and weeps* (um...are other peoples dreams not so abstract that they couldnt answer this either?
Last time you showered: its been quite some days, one of the [frustrating] side affects of constant, constant work.
Last time you took a bath: oh, forever ago.
The last movie you saw at the theatres: Harry Potter Goes To Washington.. (thats it, right?? ^____^ )
Root Beer or Dr.Pepper: um, neither !! yay!
Mud or Jell-O wrestling?: hm..ive never witnessed or partook in either. Yet.
Vanilla or chocolate: depends.
Skiing or Boarding: snowboarding..ssx..tricky..
Summer or winter: winter
Silver or Gold: silver
Diamond or pearl: idk.
Sunset or Sunrise: sut? or maybe rise? id liek to know more so i can better decide.
Sprite or 7up: neither.
Orange juice or apple juice: oo i wanna say orange juice right now, but im usually a big apple jusce fan.
Cats or dogs: CATS (tho i like both, and not like you'd like both. i really do.)
Coffee or tea:: coffee? iunno *shrugs*
Phone or in person: in person, oh, in person.
Are you Oldest, middle, youngest or only child: oldest. (unless you count the other two......heh...)
End time: 9:44
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