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So far this morning:
·went in search of food
·found it had snowed again, everything was white, expecially the solid light gray sky, and there was noone about. and it was still snowing some.
·found no food, and became very very cold
·made it back to my dorm without freezing to death.
·accidently obtained a donut, which it turned out went well dipped in hot chocolate after having been in the snow.
·obtained hot chocolate (obviously)
·obtained other breakfast food item and apple juice.
·am presently wondering if the hot chocolate was actually "good to the last drop" as i threw it away before finishing it, and the 'last drop' is
now somewhere at the bottom of a trashcan. possibly still good. i dont know.
·returened to my dormroom to post
·am still trying to warm up
·shall soon, theoretically, be departing for an all-day extended-version lotr marathon.
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