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stolen from faerieme129

Go to your Calendar and find the first entry for each month of 2005. Post the first sentence of each in your journal, and that's your 'Year In Review.'

January: oh, gosh. where to begin.
February: yeah...last night i definately was outside until this morning (through midnight)
March: ah... i think that everything has come full circle, but that doesnt reall matter, does it, because, like a wheel, life keeps on spinning.
April: first of all youre the only one who can read this.
May: hi.
June: Happy Birthday Sarrah!!
July: i come back and what do i find?
August: the last day of july really made a name for itself.
September: welcome september.
October: feel suddenly..and oddly..sad...
November: ( here is a picture almost noone can see )
December: and december first | it looks so nice when it is | written out clearly

(november's what the title of an lj-cut)
ok, ok, so ive got two sentances for january.
whatever. :)
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