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what is this post, even

its the little blue
a glow, an aura,
and its falling from the sky

falling from the nighttime
and there are diamonds everywhere
just like in your dreams

they turn and they all spin
and you cant see them for the nighttime
but you can see the little blue

a captivating passageway
intended to be pursued
in its descent

all around are irons glowing
speckling the globe like little eyes
blinking to the star-rythm

you lay your naked body on them
feeling different colors
the diamonds dance into your spine



once sweet facades are closing
and your eyes melt shut once more

its all about this twilight moment
confectionary for the tired mind

its so warm here and so cold there
all the light's gone with the sound

the tide rises all around you
you can feel it lap about your face

and all the little lies grown weary
drift away to distant reefs


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