asklepiades (asklepiades) wrote,

5-6 pages back on my friends page there are still entries i need to read and comment on

so im a bit behind.

I got back Friday.
I went to E.P., saw Narnia, and went to SBUX with Sarah on Saturday.
I was at Treni's house on Saturday, where I met Daggett.
I had a battle with Sefie, Treni, Ryan, Scott, Wesley, and Sarrah on Saturday.
I talked to Erin for an hour and saw Matt on Saturday.
I had Scott and Treni spend the night on Saturday.
I watched The Story of the Weeping Camel with Scott and Sefie on Sunday.
I had Chris Parks and Sarah over on Sunday.
I went to the Vine with my family and Sarah on Sunday.
I saw Beka, Ed, Kelli, Trevor, and other people like Garrison, Katie M, Eric H, and Curtis Hall at the Vine on Sunday.
I went to Bdubs and then SBUX with Sarah, Ryan, Sarrah, Beka, and Beka's sister on Sunday.
I saw a ton of people at SBUX, including Rachel Estes, Trevor, Steven, Lydia, Sara, Brandon (Southeast), Eric Horton, Jenna Eastman, and Curtis Hall on Sunday.
I stayed with Sarah at my house until midnight on Sunday.

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