asklepiades (asklepiades) wrote,

forgot to post this a few days back

so the other day there were these people downtown. and they had barricaded this one street, and were like, hey! you cant pass without our brand! so we like, let them mark us with these wristbands that had to go on the right wrist. we tried to tell them that we didnt even want on their street, but were just passing through. did that work? no. and to top it off, they decided to insult my trigun shirt, and were like, hey! we dont even wanna see that on our street. and then there were these shady people outside their barricade, and they were like 'youre to close to our street, get outta here' and were like shoving them and whatnot. so like.. apparently some people out there have issues, trying to commandeer part of downtown louisville or something. i was gonna burn the wristband, but tis not presently in my possession.
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