asklepiades (asklepiades) wrote,

Education & Song in the Congo

theres only one school in the congo and i want to write a song about it
i want it to have 27 verses and no designated chorus
let it talk about the giant hippos
and even bigger whales
let it delve in to great description
about migration paths of snails
theres only one school in the congo yet theres two in senegal
one is in saint louis and the others in dakar
i could probably enroll in either one
if i were to move away that far
so i think ill merely sing about
the two schools in senegal
theres only one school in the congo and i do not think its fair
imagine all the children
that can school nowhere else but there
and think of all that wasted space
of kids who want to go to school
but where?
theres only one school in the congo and even it has russian roots
for the poor congonian children
it must be like watching hippos run around in boots
like snails they treked from russia
all the way down to the congo
and then they stopped in brazzaville like whales schooling on the go
theres only one school in the congo but maybe one day there'll be two
perhaps we ought to travel there
and start a school just me and you

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