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Journal: Update

Here some thing you'll probably need to know about me.
- I dreamed about Guts last night
- i do so like my tnbc music
- i plan to see ue again this week
- maybe twice
- i now know what mini fee is
- ive got more free time than anyone
- i havent seen my roommate since nine o' clock last night
- Coming up with these is troublesome
- i called erin last night but to no avail
- so i talked to welesluke for like 5 hours.. (phone and online)
- the 4th seems promising
- I'm going to have to do some homework today.
- And i get to see a film tomorrow, at 6.
- I just ate spaghetti.
- And half a cereal bar.
- And I'm hungry.
- theres something deep inside of these bones
- Joshua G.'s mother never licked him, poor thing
- id like to add some random lj friends of mine to my facebook friends, if anyone has one.
- just so i can add friend details.
- finally, heres something i came up with last night:

"Tiger Woods, is more than good, he's GRRRRRREAT!"
"You are the one and only Tiger, with the one and only taste, you know how to take
a breakfast And make it GRRRREAT!!

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