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On the Stage of Stone

Alba's lake boils.
Light's great tree doth fall.
Power - all now to droplets turned in the temple of Arche Koeln.
Returns to nothing, this world of shadowless ones.
Never to return, the shadowless one.
Who quests for the Twilight Dragon.

-from Epitaph of the Twilight
-Emma Wieland

Please don't say that
spell-like words yet.
"Love" is as light as feather.
If you have resolution...
...please whisper with me...
...tenor softer than papa's

I'm living more facinatingly...
...than the dream I have on the bed...
...covered by millions of roses.
How could I fly away...
...without being stained... this world where ugliness spreads.
Even if I keep learning...
...alone in the cocoon...
...night sky in the crystal... still too far.

Don't touch me yet...
...those trembling fingers are...
...sweet hesitations of a flower theif.
You can touch me...
...deep inside of this chest...
...if you have the confidence to reach.

It is not that I believe in...
..the princess on a white horse.

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