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well, i suppose its time i do an actual update, not like im promiscing anything or anything. actually, i added some people to my friends page, so my real thought was that if they investigate my lj, they wouldnt find a jumbled mess of things, like jpop and bunnies from nightmares. but i guess that writing that out really bluntly defeats the purpose of it already.
anyway.. im not up to much.
my moods been odd this week.. almost let it slip away a couple days ago, into somr sort of a depression.. but that didnt happen. i was really poetic most yesterday, but i didnt write any of it down.
dust to dust

anyway, im still really heavily in ddr withdrawl.. getting to play it this weekend didnt help.. it only made it worse.. im actually considering going alone and playing that weird in the union. anyway..
simple&clean and the opening to gasaraki have really been stuck in my head recently.. i need to find that song.
elsewhere, i tried rather unsuccesfully to get azureus to work for carol..
FMA had better finish soon. also, i need to quit being lazy and burn some of what ive got.. as i havent downloaded much since december, and theres alot i want. well, nothing specific, actually.. but i know that once i start looking ill find alot. fate/stay night, gungrave, tsubasa, orphen, some other stuff. blood+
who knows.
like dust we send each other on our seperate ways
trembling in our purposes we barely stay alive

with whom as our guide
will we wander onward in the night

and where shall we roam
so far away from all these city lights

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