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OK. so this isnt the big post my last post was talking about. actually, i had several ideas in mind for that and havent gotten a chance to really do any.
then again, if any of you have gotten the impression that i havent been online 24/7 like usual...YOURE RIGHT!
my laptops been undergoing some stress (and hopefully im going through some changes with it) so i havent been on much and so any progress towards meaningful and other posts has been undercut.

hopefully, thingsll all be resolved soon, and i can go back to posting 20 a day and filling up te friends pages of all my adoring fans. (ok, im joking)

but honestly, the lack of internet has given me the oppertunity to have some really enjoyable phone conversations that have hopefully been as meaningful to the people on the other end of the line as they have been to me.

midterms start up tomorrow, and, while im not yet ready, i think im still on-schedule to getting ready. id like to think that im in a good place mentally, and that im moving towards better places spiritually as well.
we'll have to see.

theres alot going on with alot of people, and, as many times before, i feel like times are changing. i hope this really turns out to be the case, as theres a number people who i think could really use it.
myself notwithstanding.

i'd like to think that there are good things on the horizon, and i'm pretty sure they are. keep up the walk, everyone!

on another note, ive been trying to write again. i say again because i havent done much of it recently. of course, theres quite a number of projects ive undertaken recently, so we'll have to see if i actually get around to finishing any of them.

spring break is within sight, and i'm really glad, as it means i'm going to get to see sarah.

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