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more Random words.

and the trees were crying but that was ok because they were all on fire anyway.
and i kissed her and we flew away, past each of the places we kne we'd never come back to and
can you stand that? can you stand the way the waves lap upon your chest
while youre lying in your bed in the quite hours of your life
a heavy stone bearing down on you, but you know it's just the moon, pushing and pulling
tiding your life to its effulant tides the way your heart flies away
when youre on my bed only to return in the morning.
life's a subscription that i cancelled long ago.

and noone is going to believe you while you say your name over and over in the flashing lights
they don't buy surface-level incisions and they certainly don't realize thats all theyve ever offered
when you see the trees, kiss the trees, love those trees like you had raised them yourself
and lay yourself down before them, forgetting to be angry just for once, forgetting that you hate
there is acid in your mouth i can taste it on your tongue
and its all so foolish, but you still dont get it, you still refute me when it comes to the matters of
life and death

fairy wings
piano strings
i know im falling
into you again
your soft skin and
your soft eyes
this glitter on our backs
is starting to remind me of of the glitter on her heels
that she always wore to bed
always brought to bed
it sparkles and it shines

this pain is something you've brought on yourself and
you know it even if deep inside it doesnt feel like such.
life was meant for us to live, and every momnet we're not alive
there's no excuse for.

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