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The Shins

    on a rainy sunday morning in the grey
  • Dead Enough For Life ~{Icon Of Coil}

  • Girl All The Bad Guys Want ~{Bowling For Soup}

  • Goodnight And Go ~{Imogen Heap}

  • So Says I ~{The Shins}

  • Tie Her Down ~{Senses Fail}

  • Built Then Burnt (Hurrah! Hurrah!) ~{A Silver Mount Zion}

  • Greatest Friend Of Your Life ~{Edwin Mccain}

  • Move Your Body ~{Eiffel 65}

  • Make Me Whole ~{Amel Larrieux}

  • A Case Of You ~{Tori Amos}

  • Loves Divine ~{Seal}

  • Dangerous And Moving ~{t.A.T.u.}

  • Dub In My Life ~{Eiffel 65}

  • Drop To Zero ~{Trust Company}

  • Drops Of Jupiter ~{Train}

  • Even Angels Fall ~{Vanessa Carlton}

  • Walking In Memphis ~{Lonestar}

  • Walking In Memphis ~{Lonestar}

  • Tonight I'll Be Lonely Too ~{Alison Krauss}

  • Paper Thin ~{Hot Water Music}

  • Its In The Way You Love Me ~{Shania Twain}

  • Ordinary ~{Train}

  • The Magic Bullet Theory ~{Texas Is The Reason}

  • I'm About To Come Alive ~{Train}

  • Burning Bright ~{Shinedown}

  • The Leaving Song Part Two ~{AFI}

  • Jackie Cane ~{Hooverphonics}

  • Eden ~{Hooverphonics}

  • Razorblades And Bandaides ~{Econoline Crush}

  • Have You Got It In You? ~{Imogen Heap}

  • Clear The Area ~{Imogen Heap}

  • Technologic ~{Daft Punk}

  • Technologic (Balboa Remix) ~{Daft Punk}

  • Iris ~{Goo Goo Dolls}

  • So Far Away ~{Crossfader Chris}

  • Slide ~{Goo Goo Dolls}

  • (no subject)

    I was wrong.

  • (no subject)

    Everytime someone died. color and breath, the fast unfurl of carbon away from death plants that rise and grow, strange citybomb beneath…

  • (no subject)

    Bloomed in the fall, I loved you in the winter. When summer came the world was dead and cold.

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