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Again with the playlists.

    and he didnt know it until it was upon him
  • Walking In Memphis ~{Lonestar}

  • What About Now ~{Lonestar}

  • Bent ~{Matchbox Twenty}

  • Within A Room Somewhere ~{Sixpence None The Richer}

  • Your House ~{Alanis Morisette}

  • All I Really Want ~{Alanis Morisette}

  • That I Would Be Good ~{Alanis Morisette}

  • Chrome ~{VNV Nation}

  • Underwater ~{Vertical Horizon}

  • Those To Come ~{The Shins}

  • End Of Days ~{VNV Nation}

  • Since U Been Gone ~{Ted Leo And The Pharmacists}

  • Built Then Burnt - Hurrah! Hurrah! ~{A Silver Mount Zion}

  • Show Me Love ~{t.A.T.u.}

  • Elevator Love Letter ~{Stars}

  • Situation No Win ~{Big Audio Dynamite}

  • It's The Sun ~{The Polyphonic Spree}

  • All These Things That I've Done ~{The Killers}

  • One More Time ~{Daft Punk}

  • The Gold Finch And The Red Oak ~{Ted Leo And The Pharmacists}

  • Let's just live it.

    The quiet lies - we don't need to talk about it anymore Don't need to figure out the truth Don't need to look inside our heads and in our hearts…

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    I was wrong.

  • (no subject)

    Everytime someone died. color and breath, the fast unfurl of carbon away from death plants that rise and grow, strange citybomb beneath…

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