asklepiades (asklepiades) wrote,

hello world.

im in flordia.



I havent done much here. actually, it seems im just following around whatever my family does. ok, thats cool i guess. i havent been able to eat as much as usual, and thats worrying me. i think we're getting back the 28 or 29. whichever is a thursday? we went swimming yesterday. that might have been exciting. i lost the charger for our camera, but we're going to get a new one in a moment. once i type this and shower, we're going to best buy. im going to spend lots of money. im going to buy amazing things. i've already watched two amazing movies and read one really cool book. ive learned soo much.
then again, i'm still just as confused as ever; more so.

i saw a lizard yesterday. i thought it was someones birthday today, but i looked on facebook and it wasnt. we stayed in a hotel in georgia yesterday. there were lots of other things we saw on the way down, and pictures i took, but those aren't for you to know about or to see.

i hope you're all happy.


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