asklepiades (asklepiades) wrote,

wrap it up
wrap it up
take it far away from here
far from my life
far from these strings
tell me something new.
and i have always loved
the way there's been so much to love

and i have always seen
such vibrant things.

will you ever see this world, these mists, these islands?
can you follow me down the lonely roads i walk
where do i go
further and further into pain
living life for life
and all the things
you mean to me

dark dark beads
and shawls and things
eyes so shaded
drifting into dream
lips on fire,
and theres a spinning, dancing, morbid attractrion to your walk

and i
am forgetting once again
so many thing i once remembered and forgot
so many things irrelevant to life
and key to love
key to living beautifully

wrap around it
wrap it up
send it out to sea and crashing wave
bring your visage close to mine
as this spray surrounds us

write this melody with me
this tale of dying life
of passion days

and i
i want to touch you, want to know you, want to hold you high
beneath these sapphire skies
and i

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