asklepiades (asklepiades) wrote,

I havent Really had internet access; otherwise i'd have posted a bunch, as ive spent alot of my time on my laptop.

im in fort meyers (sp?) right now, but presently we will be heading back to tampa. probably getting back to louisville thursday or friday.

(sarrah, which day was it you said you wanted to do something?)

anyway, theres been alot of food. food, food, food.

whats with that?

ive been watching alot of things.
oh, right, im still owed about 60$ guys. dot dot dot.


sefie and my grandpa are talking in the background. he's saying something about mangos and barbados........

oooooooooalot of you people were in my dream last night. i actually only remember 3 people specifically, but there was a big group of you too.

carol was in my dream and she dressed up really really nice and it was really cool.

ryan was in my dream and he had been in a fight or something and didnt have any clothes at all. O.o,

chris parks was in my dream and he either was a car or was on a car, but it wasnt really that much of a car, more of a matress-type thing with an engine and wheels. ..

so far, since ive been gone, ive gotten one phone call from Sarrah and about 27 phone calls from Wes.

wes wasnt in my dream, i dont think, but i think beka might have been. not sure.

ive got chocolate milk from the promised land.

well its 12:11, two minutes till 12:13, which brings me to one of the other key people i want to hang out with once i get back, though i need to come across a phone number through which i can get in contact with her.

this computer uses AOL. gross.

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