asklepiades (asklepiades) wrote,

Well well well. Hello world that hasnt heard much from me.
I suppose I owe my dedicated fans an explaination as to why i havent been posting nearly as much as i used to.
I dont really have one.
First of all, it really is too bad that i was so busy to post in my lj much during summer. becasue id like to be able to look back over all the exciting things i did everyday and now i cant.
secondly, there isnt all that much excitement now, so im not going to post much about school.

but fear not!
i have not been completely slacking.
some of what ive been doing is researching and experiencing.
expanding my life experience, so that i can better dazzle you all with my pwning of everything.


so yes! lets look forward to another year filled exciting drama and intense friendship.
because i am continually coming indications of just how strong my friendships are.
of how strong they are becoming.

and right now im a little bit gridlocked.
there are certain things that im debating holding onto.
certain paths im wondering if i can take.

things like that.

for i will see you all again
as more than shadows in my dreams

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