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stolen from ersigh

Answer the questions by clicking play on your music player and pasting the song title after each question. It's on shuffle –you don't decide, it does, so no cheating!

1.) YOU'RE BEING CHASED BY A GIANT SQUID! Planet Hell ~{Nightwish}
2.) You meet Itachi for the first time and you scream: Somewhere ~{Tom Waits}
3.) You see Batman at the beach and he proclaims: The Way We Get By ~{Spoon}
4.) You dance in the rain to: Music Sounds Better With You ~{Daft Punk}
5.) A monster has his poisonous claws to your neck. "Any last words?" "Yes," you choke: Everlasting ~{Icon Of Coil}
6.) Your surfing music: When We Dance ~{Sting}
7.) You have your own anthem. It is: Girls On Film ~{Duran Duran}
8.) Michael Jackson sits down on a bus beside you. He says: Candlelight ~{Imogen Heap}
9.) Your secret crush asks you out. You reply: Daydream ~{Avril Lavigne}
10.) A bear starts to attack you. You cry out: Goodnight My Friend ~{Vertical Horizon}

lemme just say i think this is a great idea.. but these 'questions' are sorta lacking...
someone should find more quizzes like this.

so i went out and found this.. the best i could come up with, even thou i dont think its supposed to be randomly generated, well, now it is.

so ya.. i just put in randomly playing things on my media player.

Soundtrack of my life
Opening Credits: Little Bunny Foo Foo ~{???}
Waking Up Scene: Do You Like Worms (Do You Dig ~{Olivia Tremor Control}
Car Driving Scene: In Circles ~{Sunny Day Real Estate}
High School Flashback Scene: It's Only Love ~{Heather Nova}
Nostalgic Scene: Everything ~{Lifehouse}
Bitter, Angry Scene: Get Over It ~{Avril Lavigne}
Break-up Scene: Have A Nice Day ~{Bon Jovi}
Regret Scene: Daft Punk Is Playing At My House ~{LCD Soundsystem}
Nightclub/Bar Scene: Cry ~{Lasgo}
Fight/Action Scene: Breathing By Wires ~{The Juliana Theory}
Sad, Breakdown Scene: Gainsville Rock City ~{Less Than Jake}
Mellow Scene: Californication ~{The Red Hot Chili Peppers}
Dreaming About Someone Scene: The Dump Truck Song ~{???}
Dreaming Scene: Blacking Out The Friction ~{Death Cab For Cutie}
Sex Scene: Such Great Heights ~{Iron & Wine}
Contemplation Scene: Weak ~{Skunk Anansie}
Chase Scene: Land Of The Living ~{Milk Inc.}
Happy Love Scene: Cute Without The E ~{Taking Back Sunday}
Happy Friend Scene: I'm Still Crying ~{Dressy Bessy}
Death Scene: We Are ~{Vertical Horizon}
Funeral Scene: On The Concourse ~{Son, Ambulance}
Closing Credits: Ray Of Sunshine ~{Go Sailor}

mainly i just think its interesting to see what comes up on random.. with or without 'questions' to put it to.. tho, without questions, i'd probably just keep on listing music forever.. oo... i might to that..


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