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So here's all the music i obtained yesterday.
the last 7 i found last night but didnt actually get till this morning.

(* indicates its the first time ive obtained music from / heard of the band.)

  1. Dressy Bessy

  2. Preston School of Industry

  3. Tattle Tale

  4. Shabutie*

  5. Elf Power*

  6. Son, Ambulance

  7. Feist*

  8. All Girl Summer Fun Band*

  9. The Softies*

  10. Stars

  11. Saint Etienne*

  12. Wanda Jackson*

  13. The New Pornographers*

  14. The Sadies*

  15. Last Days Of April*

  16. Bela Fleck and the Flecktones*

  17. Neko Case(*)

  18. Miisa*

  19. Bright Eyes*

  20. The Arcade Fire

  21. Tilly and the Wall*

  22. Artic Monkeys*

  23. Math and Physics Club*

  24. Rilo Kiley*

  25. Nina Simone*

  26. The Be Good Tanyas*

  27. Cat Power

  28. Animal Collective*

  29. Guided By Voices*

  30. The Concretes*

  31. The Like*

  32. Blumchen*

  33. Blonde Redhead*

  34. American Analog Set(*)

  35. Elliott Smith*

  36. Pavement*

  37. Ben Kweller*

  38. Do Make Say Think*

  39. Pedro the Lion(*)

  40. Primal Scream*

  41. Sleater-Kinney(*)

  42. Sloan*


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