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Era, again

This our dear dear year ends it's second third.
With four months left and counting,
we'd better get running,
or we're going to get left out in the cold.
(cute, huh?)

i didnt really learn anything worth posting today, tho, thursdays ive only got one class, and its a lab thats primary purpose is to have a chance to get work done.

i do, however, have a list of artists downloaded today. (and a couple that didnt make yesterdays)

  1. April March

  2. Dirty Three

  3. Slowdive

  4. Lisa Germano

  5. Something For Kate

  6. Sparklehorse

  7. Venetian Snares

  8. Grandaddy

  9. Archers of Loaf

  10. Afghan Whigs

  11. Bad Cash Quartet

  12. Frank Black and the Catholics

  13. The Makers

  14. Boston

  15. India Arie

  16. Akon

  17. Jack Johnson

  18. Harvey Danger

  19. Phil Keaggy

  20. Jean Leloup

  21. They Might Be Giants

  22. Fuel

  23. K's Choice

  24. Crowded House

  25. Moxy Fruvous

  26. Alana Davis

  27. Anberlin

  28. Dirty Kash

  29. Skunk Anansie

  30. Five Iron Frenzy

  31. At the Drive In

  32. Bif Naked

  33. Element Eighty

  34. Wallflowers

  35. Nine Days

  36. The Smithereens

  37. Seven and the Sun

  38. Peter Gabriel

  39. David Gray

  40. Deadsy

  41. Counting Crows

  42. Technotronic

  43. Asian Dub Foundation

  44. Arrogant Worms

  45. Rockapella

  46. Jane Monheit

  47. Anouk

  48. Michael Buble

  49. Novastar

  50. Dragonforce

  51. Motion City Soundtrack

  52. Mae

instead of getting a ton of diversity, i liked what i found so i got alot of a few artists.
and limewires been seriously lagging my compie lately.

anyway, gotta run! gotta eat!
actually.. homework and sleep. not eat.

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