asklepiades (asklepiades) wrote,


wanted to post this. technically not finished tho. (fell asleep writing.. -.-;;)

talk about letdown
about falling into life
im not entirely sure, but i think i've got what i need.
when i look out these days i see
something beautiful
so beautiful that im breaking down.
im am a literary movement
and you are that blade of grass on the hill in the wind in the summer.
please try to understand
i may even be asking you to break down with me.
you change very little
and yet
its all about hte words i choose i use to describe you.
something falls within
im not good or bad but composite
im so busy in my mind
but out here do you see it?
do you see it?
i'll paint you naked, quiet, and still inder the soft, warming rays of the sun.
i'll paint you smiling and asleep, disheveled amidst completed dreams and waking light.
i'll paint you crying and abused, strokes of blue that tell the story; try and hide you in the night.
i'll paint you careless and in tears, laughing at the stupid things that you and your friends share.
i'll paint you beautifully intelligent, that side of you you sometimes show on occasions-now and then.
i'll paint you in those moments between moments, when even you yourself don't know you're there.

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