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to the corners
the very corners
where will they find us
where will we go
with th world spread wide before us
in our grand, beautiful, and so confused eyes
this is the time we have
come with me now into the sky
we've waited far to long to learn
what we've known all along
come with me now into the sky
embrace your starlit destiny
join me in the sweet surrender of all knowledge
a neve knowing
an everbeing
and we float
'whatever' you may say
but i believe it
i beleive in you.

did you listen could you hear it
the other day there was such a magnificient calling
from the Pheonix Dragon Lord
all of this is our amusement
but how much are we actually amused?

you could take it
you could always take it
and who am i to have forgotten

the miraculous appearance you made in the early days of time
the ways youve touched me with your mind
the simple scarlet that youre wearing this fine october.

to the cliffs, to the shores
this age must turn around, it'll turn around
with the glory of the Sky Dragon

with the minds of many.

forllow me into the wind,
can i
follow you?

its the genteal hand in hand
that makes my future;
i want you now.

In the tenth month, on the second day
the lives cross and
the threads of fate begin to come undone

into the future now!
into the dream..
the axis of Eternal Light,
the beam.

And there will come a time, within the near future, when all the world will rend. The powers that be shall feel the trembling of their plant--the outpouring of pain from the mouths of all creatures.
The Mystic Wind blows,
Time unfolds.
The warriors of legend shall assemble at the gates,
Waging war against this Age.

and come and come

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