May 22nd, 2005


(8)these days..(8)

so, yesterday i had a great time.
got picked up and went to sarah's for food. then after much debate, we went to the zoo.
twas a spectacular way to spend one's 18th birthday. merry-go-round and all.
it was a really nice day, and it was worth every second spent with sarah.
we saw an illusion. (thanks, emily, for taking bennett to the illusion.)
so yeah. i had a good time with bennett. i had a good time with emily. i had a good time with sarah who made it a great birthday.
there were some moments more tense than others, but im cool with that.
i could not have had a better group of people with me for that event.

then that night i failed to hang with scott and ryan. and sarrah. and im really sorry about that. ill probably apoligize by phone or im later, but for the record, its here too. i was really really tired..i was nearly falling asleep while walking..which is sad. still, tho i get its probably not that big a thing, im sry cuz i did say id be free. hope you guys had a great time. i needed (and still need) the sleep, and, although i do not think it was anywhere near more important than hanging with you, my body apparently disagreed. alas.

so this morning i go to southeast. hang with teh greeters. aka sarah b, jesse, sarah's little sis and sarahs two friends. (what are their names?? and her sisters too??) (gah) and so that was sweet. tho i dont get to see sarah b that much she is really cool.
and then at the youth thing i saw everyone and got to spend more time with sarah p. tho at church on sundays shes always talking to other ppl, but i suuppose thats fine. as along as i understand whats going on. and i do. so i was glad to get to see her.

sarah b showed me a playground in the youth building. i had no idea. it was awesomeful.

i gave emily a copy of iop today. its called iop (times are changing) {SaE copy}. sae is for sarah and emily, since its a copy for them. again, for the record, track 10 is a little out of place. yeah.
its cuz i cant explain my music well to emily, so i figured id just give it to her. ill just have to wait and see what she thinks.

after church was the bacalorate (sp?) at cal. so i ad to go there again. it was fun. seef says the best preformace in the senior video was me, recording the camera, but i think it was erin, glaring steadily at it. and afterwards i took alot of pics of trevor. and before and still ive called sarah m a bunch, just so her
awesome green phone
would ring.

then scott came over. then we went to starbucks with my family and played scategorise. which is so weird, cuz i just played that at sarah p's last night. and hearts (at sarah's) as well.

so after then scott left and we came back here and opened gifts. i got some cool stuff.
bebop shirt, watch (tee.), some weird ceramic bunny with jewels in its back, a lot of cash, a duct tape kinda shirt, 10 lighters, a starbucks card, and a bunch of random food. and some other stuff.
i still really like my Blue Shoryu tho. the one i got from sarah m. a few days ago...tho apparently i still have to get the bulk of that gift...which was to big to bring to school..hmm...
and my favorite gift so far...
four books.
courtesy of Sarah p.

then i went to sleep.