June 14th, 2005



wake up.
work on video. (definately maybe segment finalized, i think)
get dressed.
call scott; ryan.
eat 4 sloppy joes.
head out with scott and sefie.
pick up danny m.
find out wesley isnt working.
eat at tiajuana flats.
tiajuana flats. wow. well, it was intresting. alot of odd stickers and paintings plus a weird menu. ok food; wouldnt eat there again. while there we waited for wes and danny d to get there, and we...
watched michael jackson verdict (or michael jordan, as the tv once said) (not guilty x10)
met up with danny d and wes.
went to McAlisters.
was on the radio. 102.3
won a cd (better than ezra)
saw josh sasanga.
picked up sarah bland. (yeah! woohoo!)
saw her guinie pigs and her dog. (yeah..i spelled it wrong.)
got 4 bags of chips and salsa at Qudoba's, which we
ate outside of SBUX and..
ate at Bob Evans (sorry sarrah..didnt even think about that ..wont happen again)
so at bob evans, scott leaves, but matt and sarrah are working.
so we play more ers and syn. i order a strawberry lemonade. sarah bland is still with us.
ok. maybe im wrong, but i really cherish what ive found. these days. so im trying to give what i can to all the people i care about. so i try to give my time and experiences, if i have nothing else.
when sarrah gets off we quit our game (my two sevens) and head out.

i go to sarrahs with sarah and sarrah. matt drives alone. ryan takes seef and danny m.
im somewhat chained to sarah.
we all go eat at b-dubs.
play more syn and texas holdem.
despite what it looked like, me and sarah were secretly the winners.
i burned stuff in the parking lot.
sarah and matt depart.
ryan sarrah seef and i head home and talk.
i go home.
sarah martin is on!! meaning shes back! yaay!!
and here i am.