June 22nd, 2005


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#1 Romantic love: Romantic love is a combination of intimacy and passion. People with this type of love are drawn to one another physically and emotionally, but are rarely able to commit.

#2 Liking: This love is when someone only feels intimacy with another person, this is usually a more friendship type relationship.

#3 Companionate love: This is a committed and intimate love, but little passion. These people can live happily with one another for many many years and never stray from the relationship. Most long-term relationships drift into companionate love.

#4 Infatuation: Considered "love at first sight" it's the passionate love. You have a longing for this person for a good while, but it doesn't last, and the couple drifts away.

#5 Fatuous love: This is commitment and passion. You can parallel this type to Hollywood romances. You are commited for a short period of time with a lot of passion but it quickly turns to nothing.

#6 Empty love: This only has commitment. These couples are usually not very happy with their relationship because they have no passion or intimacy but can't bring themselves to leave the relationship.

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just back from shopping for england. well, kinda.
got some shirts and shorts; got a brown shirt with some orange for scotts sake.
managed to stop by the bookstore and thus i got 4 push books. ive fallen behind there.
oh! and im looking into cameras. is there a big difference between 5.1 and 7 megapixels? and is it worth the price difference? i saw the smallest digi ive ever seen too. it was kinda around the size of a wallet.
last night i had a dream about erin.

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hello sarrah; hello ryan.

hi tk


wes uses his grandma as a religion.

well, sarrah and ryan showed up.
i sunk ryans bananas.

wes called and talked about curse words and beer, but it was all cool cuz its funny and you'll all be amazed by the bard's tale's music.

it was good to get to see sarrah again before england&scotland.
i hope something can be worked out regarding transportation tomorrow for her.


me and my mom have been very forgetful today.

um..im still packing for e&s.
i leave tomorrow.

itll be ten days till i post again, most likely, so leave lotsa comments. and wish me luck bringing a lighter back from london in teh airport.

i went to stake n/ shake with my mother and then to mejers. food and snacks.


and then i talked to sarah matin and sarrah yeager. who had called at 8:50 and 9:00 respectively. scott called at 9:10..but i havent called back yet..i doubt ill get through.

i getta see sarah (and the others) tomorrow!
(which also includes erin!)
(and carol!)

and ill see sarrah at 10:45
and ryans mom'll be over here at 11:15.

gotta finish packing.

have a great and God-blessed next ten days, everyone. adeiu.