November 2nd, 2005



"i dont ever wanna feel ~ like i did that day ~ take me to the place i love ~ take me all the way"

heres the something that we breathe
idle specks of color clogging up our throats
who will ever hear you
when you turn away
they are painting with all the answers
a palette crecent
just like the bushes of rose
down the drive
with all their cliche steeples
and mindless peoples
filling the drive
but never going no where
i musnt turn away when they drop the white
down upon the heads of everyone
in the winter
smothering them all
to paint it over with the color cold
a brand new look for all of the rose petals
lying on the curb when
the music ends
i pick up flakes
on still bristles
the soft covers picking up on every sound
as i paint you
your words melting into my canvas
as fast as i can lay the snow upon it
where have all the others gone
dreams still falling all around that steeple
daylight, moonlight in your eyes
and i sketch it in
amidst the white
among the white
where everything is white
all along the drive
i lose my easel in the backdrop
bristles fade into the snow
the difference is forgotten
between a petal and a rose
and its all just memory
its all just imagery
all just
i use to describe you
what defines you
because you can move
and you do
and then theres singing
up and down the drive
  • Current Music
    Under the Bridge ~{Red Hot Chilli Peppers}