January 22nd, 2006


Journal: Update

Here some thing you'll probably need to know about me.
- I dreamed about Guts last night
- i do so like my tnbc music
- i plan to see ue again this week
- maybe twice
- i now know what mini fee is
- ive got more free time than anyone
- i havent seen my roommate since nine o' clock last night
- Coming up with these is troublesome
- i called erin last night but to no avail
- so i talked to welesluke for like 5 hours.. (phone and online)
- the 4th seems promising
- I'm going to have to do some homework today.
- And i get to see a film tomorrow, at 6.
- I just ate spaghetti.
- And half a cereal bar.
- And I'm hungry.
- theres something deep inside of these bones
- Joshua G.'s mother never licked him, poor thing
- id like to add some random lj friends of mine to my facebook friends, if anyone has one.
- just so i can add friend details.
- finally, heres something i came up with last night:

"Tiger Woods, is more than good, he's GRRRRRREAT!"
"You are the one and only Tiger, with the one and only taste, you know how to take
a breakfast And make it GRRRREAT!!
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What's This?

sarah bland was online today, which was uber.

heres the cast for my underworld adventure friday:
me, scott, bridger, diana, aliyah, aliyah's mom, aliyah's friend, vivi, kyle, other person, dustin.
midnight showing of underworld, ihop afterwards (w00t to driving around with diana in the rain when we couldnt see anything and scotts camera was full)
who knew that ihop was 24hrs?!! anyway, it was exciting, and aliyah's friend mixed the syrups and i thought they were going to come to life.
and dustin had a point! thr bridge at the end of the movie.. hows it still standing?!
lets see.. i dunno what all kyle kept talking about, and i am going to invent serrated sporks. so dont steal my idea!
yay for staying to watch credits
oh, and the audience laughed at some inappropriate parts of the movie.. whats with that?
i was hyped.. wearing all black, chains.. squee!
front row seats too, how cool is that?

i havent done much else this weekend, maybe i shouldve gone to see it again?
fma is coming along.. got to see the first ep at least,.. its a plus.
im gonna be busy tomorrow.

ive been listenring to Nightmare Before Christmas stuff most of the weekend, tho i presently broke out evanescense.
it looks like ill be going home in 2 weeks.
heh.. my food can last that long.

people just arent online as much, and dont update as much.. i dunno.. ive been trying to support a comment populated journal recently. theres alot of reasons why i post.. but maybe not so for most of my [louisville] friends. its just.. i dunno. And its constantly suprising me how they dont even have all of each others sns! i dun get it! heres a basic list of my friends:
-scott, wes, ryan, danny
-sarah, beka, erin, cyndi, carol, ed
-matt, sarrah, kelli
-sefie, treni, lilly, katie, michelle
-chrisp, christ
-sarahb, sarahp (non lj jesse)
-katlyn (and non-lj ppl: rachel, bri)
+and then other various ppl who have ljs
-dannym, allen, sean, colleen, aaron, lindsey, billy, mary
+and then some of the other various ppl w/o ljs
-clay, brad, kyle, sparks, trevor,
is that a decent list? ..ill probably find out if i left anyone off..
i mean.. depending on what level.. i can always expand it.
thats right..im not going to let anyone slip off... even if i lose contact with some of the people sorta on the fringe, i plan to keep enough info around to pick it up again later on.. and i anticipate that facebook will be useful too in coming years, as more of those ppl graduate. and besides, i just plain like making lists. of course, i plan on keeping up with the ppl here at purdue too. XD..
i sorta want to apologise to some of the random lj ppl whose firends list im on cuz im always posting, but alot of my friends whom this is directed to wont even see their friends page anytime soon.. even if this turns out long.

So once fma finishes, if it ever does, im taking up my anime again.. or i could even now.. idk, ive lost motivation to burn it, meaning theres no space to dl it.. and as ive watched most of what ive got now (well, sorta..) i dont really have much i can do regarding it. so ive got all this free time for lj and facebook and aim.
of course, all thats going to change! cuz hopefully soon Lunar Anime will pick up the pace for their Bleach subbing, the second season of Rozen Maiden will finish, DCSS will wrap up, and, later down the line, Mai Otome will be done. thosere hopefully going to re-motivate me.

In other news, today i learned that beavers are rodents!! amazing..
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