February 8th, 2006


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well, i suppose its time i do an actual update, not like im promiscing anything or anything. actually, i added some people to my friends page, so my real thought was that if they investigate my lj, they wouldnt find a jumbled mess of things, like jpop and bunnies from nightmares. but i guess that writing that out really bluntly defeats the purpose of it already.
anyway.. im not up to much.
my moods been odd this week.. almost let it slip away a couple days ago, into somr sort of a depression.. but that didnt happen. i was really poetic most yesterday, but i didnt write any of it down.
dust to dust

anyway, im still really heavily in ddr withdrawl.. getting to play it this weekend didnt help.. it only made it worse.. im actually considering going alone and playing that weird in the union. anyway..
simple&clean and the opening to gasaraki have really been stuck in my head recently.. i need to find that song.
elsewhere, i tried rather unsuccesfully to get azureus to work for carol..
FMA had better finish soon. also, i need to quit being lazy and burn some of what ive got.. as i havent downloaded much since december, and theres alot i want. well, nothing specific, actually.. but i know that once i start looking ill find alot. fate/stay night, gungrave, tsubasa, orphen, some other stuff. blood+
who knows.
like dust we send each other on our seperate ways
trembling in our purposes we barely stay alive

with whom as our guide
will we wander onward in the night

and where shall we roam
so far away from all these city lights
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and the volume falls; drops
into twilight, like the way you look at me
before you turn and take that step
before you turn and step away.
its the sadness in your eyes that draws me close to you
draws me close to all the things you leave behind, a winding trail
a sanctuary for those who have since passed away
i wont have it anymore,
i wont take this anymore.
fight your trail of twilight with raw fire of my own
and there was only silent music as the flames singed away the tears before they left my eyes
only the soft, soft call of your soul unto mine in the last moments of this world
a breath to a breath
perhaps this will be the only thing we share
and i cannot consciously realize
how it is your fog burns into my mind
my fire drifts into yours
is this what weve longed for?
this must be what weve longed for
and i know ive never heard your lips so gentle; so soft
as you move your finger upto mine
closer than weve ever been, and about to be so far
about to be so far so far away

and what hallway is this?
what solumn path lined with ashes
lined with the promices we never made?
there never was the lie of warmth, this heat is uncomfortable, and you know it too
yet it was the product to two tunes
two melodies, two disjointed cries
this is your twilight symphony this is my crimson seranade
and these walls will come down soon
these walls will come down soon

there were once such intricacies, such
detail of life and trademark of creation
on the inside
within these sheetrock caverns and
within these arms of ours

do you like the way theyve hollowed out, the way theyve
emptied out, the way our eyes have hollowed out
become the black they always were
and i know youre staring straight at me, because
im staring straight at you.
im looking into twilight, into the evanescant layers of the carcapace you call your own
the shell youve carved into time and time again
and weve all shut our eyes, and i see yours,
piercing me the way i always knew you did
all my thinking is rejected and you really know who i am
youve always known, through all these years, because weve always had these same black eyes
weve always shared these same black times
ive always watched your hands move down is such a sweet display of flesh and blood in motion
the way you draw in the way you draw back the way you pierce yourself and
youve never found complete purity in your actions
youve never found complete purity within your own

embers fall upon you now, although i find myself brushing them away
this is no place for such destruction
despite what i think and what i know youll say
still around us life is burning, and neither of us could picture it any other way
without saying a thing we take a path through the destruction
and there is nothing more beautiful i have ever seen
so much energy so much sound so much living so much dying so much burning all around us
and its so slient as i take your hand
and its so slient
so silent as together
we make our way amidst
this place weve created
these ideas weve entangled
all of the ends weve come to
all these artifices weve adopted
its so silent as i take your hand

can you feel it on your back
theres this heat
theres this chill
countless looks over our shoulders
where smoldering
no, where raging is the beautiful conflagration weve created
a culmination of sorts of both our lives
the way in which it was meant to end it all
and it glistens
it softens and defines
casting such amazing tones and gradients upon our scarred arms
can we leave it?
why would we leave it?
it looks so lonely to my black eyes
it calls so strongly to my black eyes

but theres no stopping

and you hand is softer than youve ever known, and somehow you think as well of mine
the dew is cool, the grass is wet,
just one small hill away and its where we find ourselves
where we find our selves.
theres no moonlight here
and i think we both forget to notice our own blood
as it trickles unto dirt and soil
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