February 14th, 2006


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*feet to floor*
((cold tile prison__))

and the he smiles sinisterly and
his smile is endearing.

he really feels that rush, throws his head back as his eyes loll and his tongue
moves across his lips.

5by5, and he walks to the edge of it, walks until hes standing at the breaking point,
this 5by5 cold tile prison

*looks at posts*
*looks at matress, looks at sheets*
*looks at all the things hes ever known*
__and laughs

forward, and there it is, toes no longer upon the same cold tile that has been his jail

the breaking point, the bleeding edge. one more step-]]
his maniacal smile grins; theres velvet soil here, rich and tantalizing soil in the forest outside
beyond the wall-less 5by5 he has always known

undressed; theres a beetle sensation across his calf
*looking, laughing, up*
screaming moon, twilight branches;runningrunning

he see it all, he know it all
and he is go.ing
faster this way thatway upway inway

until it ends--until the forest ends
black, oblivion this is everything hed ever
this is everything-]] *one more step*

feels it inside,
he can feel it on the inside
so cold
this is spiritual
this is of the make beyond the mortal world, and his body shakes
an incompatibility ERROR

\\__rising, rising
this fire within, this trasformation within

yet he can feel it in his quivering limbs
he can detect the limits of these molecules
of these bonds
and hes ready to sacrifice it all,
hes been ready since forward, there it is.
there it is, there it is.

theres the shedding of the scars the shedding of the pain
and of the fear and of the
uncertainty, of all these years

and he wants even more than these beams of light that are de-creating his body from its very seams
he wants that creation
that flash.point__
the point at which he'll know

that he is loved
the point at which he can give it up, yeild it up,
more than just these scars, but all these precious words that hes stored up through the years
he wants to lose it all
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