February 16th, 2006


theres something spiritual in the wind today

the feeling of the unresolved and i
i wake up to you everyday

and then we fall, drifting through
these days like they are

i wanna touch your hand
i wanna know your name
please dont walk away
please dont leave me in my shame

like the breaking of the day the
dawn it knows me as i am

wrap around me yet again i know
that i have gone astray

i wanna touch your hand
i wanna know your name
please dont walk away
please dont leave me in my shame
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Otaku~who says theres something wrong with obsessing??

31Hz - 14
62 - 8
125 - -5
250 - 1
500 - 6
1KHz - -2
2 - 5
4 - 14
8 - 14
16KHz - 14

  Album : Hold Me Up (1991) 
  Disc : 1 
 01.   Laughing 
 02.   Just The Way You Are 
 03.   So Outta Line 
 04.   There You Are 
 05.   You Know What I Mean 
 06.   Out Of The Red 
 07.   Never Take The Place Of Your Man 
 08.   Hey 
 09.   On Your Side 
 10.   22 Seconds 
 11.   Kevin's Song 
 12.   Know My Name 
 13.   Million Miles Away 
 14.   Two Days In February 
  Album : Superstar Car Wash (1993) 
  Disc : 1 
 01.   Fallin' Down 
 02.   Lucky Star 
 03.   Cuz You're Gone 
 04.   Don't Worry 
 05.   Girl Right Next To Me 
 06.   Domino 
 07.   We Are The Normal 
 08.   String Of Lies 
 09.   Another Second Time Around 
 10.   Stop The World 
 11.   Already There 
 12.   On The Lie 
 13.   Close Your Eyes 
 14.   So Far Away 
  Album : Boy Named Goo (1995) 
  Disc : 1 
 01.   Long Way Down 
 02.   Burnin' Up 
 03.   Naked 
 04.   Flat Top 
 05.   Impersonality 
 06.   Name 
 07.   Only One 
 08.   Somethin' Bad 
 09.   Ain't That Unusual 
 10.   So Long 
 11.   Eyes Wide Open 
 12.   Disconnected 
 13.   Slave Girl 
  Album : Dizzy Up The Girl (1998) 
  Disc : 1 
 01.   Dizzy 
 02.   Slide 
 03.   Broadway 
 04.   January Friend 
 05.   Black Balloon 
 06.   Bullet Proof 
 07.   Amigone 
 08.   All Eyes On Me 
 09.   Full Forever 
 10.   Acoustic #3 
 11.   Iris 
 12.   Extra Pale 
 13.   Hate This Place 
  Album : Gutterflower (2002) 
  Disc : 1 
 01.   Big Machine 
 02.   Think About Me 
 03.   Here Is Gone 
 04.   You Never Know 
 05.   What A Scene 
 06.   Up Up Up 
 07.   It's Over 
 08.   Sympathy 
 09.   What Do You Need 
 10.   Smash 
 11.   Tucked Away 
 12.   Truth Is A Whisper


yesterday i spent a vast amount of time indulging myself with KiSS.
(whee!! hotaru rei avalon etc etc)
and now that things like flash've got me thinking, maybe i could make some?? oo..
but for now.. whee for downloading massive numbers of the dolls.
its too bad ive had to go through so many computers, as now i dont have any one large archive.
but anyway i did some research and found that 211 ppl on lj have kisekae as an interest.. which led to some very interesting things...




zomg zomg *heart* squeee!!!! X____X gothic lolita X___X

Collapse )
squee! of course, i know that hardly touches the surface.. tis only a fraction of the photos i saved, and i only saved a fractino of the pics i looked at... and obviously i only got to look at a very small fractions of the pics that are out there.. but there you go.

guildwarring. lots and lots of guildwarring.
from which you shall be temporairily spared pictures of my map and its fog of war.. because i dont feel like going in and extracting the necessary screenshots and such.

g00d d4y.
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