June 27th, 2006


'Stolen' from Sarrah

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So, WHY havent I been on LiveJournal much??

WHAT excuse could i possibly have??

Whee, truth be told, there is no good excuse for not posting at least 4 times a day, not for me, not for anyone, so no, I have no good excuse. But I sure have been BUSY!!!
Take yesterday for instance. I hung out with Carol for over 12 hours!! And breifly during that time say Ryan and Danny and Scott and not so breifly Wesley.

But you know, ive been really tired, and its been hard enough dealing with whats been going on DIRECTLY AROUND ME, so I havent actually managed to plan much. and things are going to be even busier from here on out!

First of all though, since I have been heeping my rapt LJ readers in the dark, i need to mention an IMPORTANT event. I have a NEW FRIEND! his name is Jason and i think hes actually a couple years older than me. oooh, aaah.

In fact, i think his hair is black, and if that just isnt the most astounding thing youve ever heard then youve heard way too much.
or is it 'to much'?

Anyway, Ive done a bunch with Carol, including watching a lot of movies, the entire second season of dead like me, some cool shopping, and some other stuff.
That aside, ive had some great times with sarah, when shes free, which isnt as much as some other people, sadly.

aaaaaand ive seen alot of my guy friends.
would be nice to say, but i really havent. i mean.... scotts somewhere...elusively. and wes does call me 8.9 times a day on average, and i nvere get to see dan for more than a couple minutes, and yeah, i do see ryan a good bit.

but there is another cool cool person ive seen a good bit recently (just not in the last 2-3 days as a couple days ago i was really tired and yesterday i was hanging with carol) and that person iiiiiiis.... Sarrah!!
and i got to ddr at her house at like 3 or 4 in the morning so i bet all you other punks (haha) are really jealous. because she r0x0rs.

and last week i got to hang out with Beka more then normal, tho i need to work on doing that some THIS WEEK too!

and ryan had two random f friends who were pretty cool and who i wouldnt mind hanging with again.

and then theres ERIN! Erin we need to hang out!!! except for that one night i havent seen you in forever!!!!!!
and for that matter... what happened to the allen person? I WANT TO TALK TO HIM TOOOOOOOOOOOO

there was also a day at 6.flags with seef and treni which was cool and more than i usually hang out with treni but not nearly enough!!
(i talked to her this morning too!)

and on top of all this theres Jason!! and all his friends like Bobby! of Bobbie! or Bob? maybe Malcolm...
but you know, i hope that by 1)not living in indiana and 2) only just adding his lj and 3)never investigating and aim he might have,
i havent missed out on too much.
cuz i feel like everyone else has befriended him alot while ive just come off as hyper and random and.. irrelevant?


but never fear! i will fix all these things and more!! Tune in next time!

Atlanta is if friday, and thursday is even more exciting.

later turkeys..

"Let us hold unswervingly to the hope we profess, for He who promised is faithful." Hebrews 10:23
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