October 16th, 2006



Well, It's pretty gross, but since all the 'noRmal' computers are taken, im stuck on a mac. eeww!

The great myster of the day is facebook telling me
"Jessica Palmer went from being "in a relationship" to "single". 8:07am"

in other news, i've actually been watching the news some, since we've got a TV in our dormroom.
like, theres a war going on. who knew??

So, I guess that's pretty exciting.

The president was on TV too!! How cool is that??

It's a cold cold night, are you gonna call me?
Tell me about...
How I go on and on...
About you


rumor has it that Montana still exists.

[inpout browser unrecognizable text here]


The news said something sad about the killing of children.
I thought i was pretty amusing,
but at the same time,
they's dead.

I was looking around on my desktop today and I found pictures of Colleen!

does anyone else remember when i said that we should all hate each other?
just randomly thought of that, too.

And then, before anyone knew to begin to expect it, there were many feathers pasted all over the office of the Sir.
"Bananas," said he, his voice soft and gentle, like a petal of a rose brushed lightly against my cheek.
Instantaneously, the feathers began to migrate, turning Ketchup into Bearded Dwarves and hacking away at the invisible noodle soup.
"How did he do that?" I asked my son, who sat next to me like a casket of roastbeef. He didn't answer, so I assumed the ducklings had already eaten.
BUMP! went the floor as the office split itself into many smaller versions of itself, so silently that I scarcely remembered taking my pants off the day before. The Sir looked troubled and suggested I write a book. I agreed with much nourishment and began treking to Syberia with the next breath. The road was hard, and the goslings subtle. However, with the help of my Kavorkian reptiles, I was soon able to subdue the road and force it to do my laundry.
"Never again!" wailed the Sir, as he began to weep an uncontrolable pile of potatoes. So succulent these potatoes were that hardly a year had gone by before they were promptly enrolled in a local community elementrary school. Here, their toil grew worse by the day. Night would fall and they would still be surrounded by the same entrenchments that had so coveted them during the day. Soon, other young students began to give themselves over to the potato crop, willing their very bodies away. With distaste the potatoes accepted this gift. Thus, America came into being, sown with seeds of Promise and Fertility, and granted the knowledge of eternal smithery.