October 19th, 2006


"Madeleine Bowling left the group We Hate The KKK. 9:10am"

I'm sick. :(

and slacking.

but still good.


a sarah martin mystery
Sarah is brave in some ways, timid in others. She is so afraid of her father's anger for disobeying him by going to Colin's farm that she searches for other means to save the bears.


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William Reyes was attending a birthday party and became involved in a dispute. During the dispute, Reyes shot and killed three people. ...

And take a look at this.

George Bozak was supporting Danny DiSantis and was claiming that he was working for him . Yes , he was that is the truth.

If the measure of a man is found in what he does, rather than what he says, then Allan Day walks tall. Whether sitting at a national multiple sclerosis (MS) conference, steadying himself with a walker, or riding his electric scooter, accomplishments on behalf of those with MS seem to multiply exponentially wherever he goes. Through much effort, hard work, and a desire to be of service, this 15-year resident of Glendale, Calif., has more than earned his place with the movers and shakers of the MS community.

"I value Allans perspective on things," she says. "He's polite and thoughtful, and he works in a quiet way. He's not looking for a lot of attention or glory for himself-he just wants to do good things for other people."