October 20th, 2006


Boy Floats Woman; Girl Eats Man

well well well, its the weekend, which of course means lots of spider webs and antiquated tea parties. not to mention all the drafting we had better do if we want to get anywhere thats somewhere before christmas. caw caw!


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also, if you bother to comment, leave an action verb in the comment in addition to whatever your comment is. just throw it on at the end or something.

Something I haven't seen on AIM in a long time

NFLphillyowens81 (6:29:06 PM): LaxLovesMe11: This is a love bug! If you do not send this to everyone on your buddy list in 15 mins... the one you love will never be yours!(or he will appear next to your bed dead as a goast)
if you do send it to everyone in 15 mins the one you love will be alive and come to you some day and be yours!
so hurry! time starts.... NOW! no send backs!!

and the real question.. who is this person and why was i on their buddy list.. dun dun dun!