January 28th, 2007


(no subject)

Allæn is still alive!! this is the amazing news that i bring.

also, the internet shut down last night; goodbye world.

finally, i never expected snow would do me over like this. darn. it. all.

also, and most ironically, I was outbid on my Mortal City cd.

whats more, the movie on tv this morning was a blizzard diaster movie.

also, the failed transmutation circle on my hand has not healed yet.

in addition, the king's daughter was holding a knife to the prisoner guy, and then he got the knife from her and held it up to her, and then they started making out and clothes were coming off, and that's all i saw, so i'll have to assume they were defeated by the gryphon [horses neighing].

first of all, ♥.