September 17th, 2007


(no subject)

ok.. yeah. i messed up. ^^; ive been behind in my calculus class so ive been trying to catch up.. but not hard enough apparently. i felt fairly confident with my studying, but itll pretty much be a miracle if i didnt fail that exam just now. eww!

on the flip side of that, the concert was amazing, if rather odd in an amuzing kinda way.
basically, the two opening bands were really enthusiastic, semi-ok as far as talent, but totally not the right bands for a within temptation concert, and essentially they got no crowd response. it was pretty funny.. people seemed to jsut be waiting for them to be over. i liked them, but even i was getting bored. though i was worried, because i thought maybe it was just a bad/unenthusiastic crowd. however, once Within Temptation came on, the change was instantaneous; they were hugely popular.

dont feel bad other 2 bands! you were just at the wrong concert!

as an afterthought though, we didnt get back to purdue till 6:30 sunday morning... and i slept for 12 hours. so i figured id stay up for the next 12 to play mgs2 and study caulc. my neck and back and ears and head still hurt. (but somehow not my legs?)
oh yeah, and i got 2 serious slashes on my arm! they look quite dramatic. :)