November 27th, 2007


Do not get! No understand!

Analysis: popcorn.

Firstly, though this is actually last, for those of you who don't actually intend to read this whole post, know this: meh phone appears to have died!!!!! i need phone numbers back!

so, this last week was lots of fun.

at one point wes came up to purdue with me,
and at another i did in fact manage to have that big get together i was planning.
almost everyone invited showed up, in fact.
(...almost everyone...)
but yeah! that even included beka and cyndi!! it'd been a long time since i'd seen either and it's good to know they're still alive.
(...certain other people obviously aren't...)
it also included danny and wes and SCOTT and carol and nz & tanner and erin & allaen and treni & matt...ah! so many couples! what to do, what to do..
this last week i also saw katlyn and lilly and katy, and had some guy give me a high five for my xkcd raptor shirt.
i spent about 30 straight hours at dannys house for his birthday party (the 26th was his b-day) and received death threats from his younger brother.
I found out the truth about space vampires, and considered changing my ways from 'me and people' to 'people and i'.
i finished season 7 with carol and highly anticipate more progress to come, maybe next weekend.
thanksgiving was yummy.
i failed to see erie and allaens new place.
i have to confirm specific events with danny and with carol for next weekend, but my phone seems to be dead.
upon finally getting back to purdue today, my phone got wet and won't turn on! talk about bad timing.
i helped shop for a bridal shower, even though i was not permitted to attend for reasons i still find dubious.
i went to the starbucks on taylorsville about 7 times in a few day period and the one on hurstborne once.
i gave up my habit of drinking fraps for lattes because someone said strawberries and creme fraps are bad.
and because carol likes vanilla lattes.
i missed heroes in favor of grooming horses with welesley.
as stated in prior entry, i went to tom sawyer.
i spent a seriously large amount of time packing my house and moving things around.

i am afraid of the color purple and of beka with knives.
hopefully i can see everyone again soon.

some pictures are coming, but they'll probably go to facebook rather than lj this time.

later bears,