September 8th, 2008



nothing to say, but someones gotta say it.
work on deck continues.
still reading the kushiel series.
class week two was alright.
church today at whiteriver: pretty sweet.
been addicted to's flash games.
watched sola. decent anime. (also nhk)
trying to work out details for the knoxville nightwish/sonata arctia concert so that i can go.
watched movie funny girl today.
new computer arrived yesterday; more on that later.
got back on facebook--been poking people.
schools significantly cut my phone time with both carol and wes, the only people i talk to consistantly anyway.
ive started drinking tea.
that is all.

Operation ReTouch; tk002

we bought the last of the wood for our new deck today. whew!

also, i've begun Operation ReTouch. marked foremost by my return to facebook,
it'll be my efforts to get in touch, stay in touch, and/or get back in touch with some of, but not limited to, the following people:

    Operation ReTouch:
  • Sarah Bland

  • Heather Baker

  • Emily Pehlke

  • Sarah Pehlke

  • Katherine Rhodus

  • Katie Beran

  • Elizabeth Denny

  • Carol Hummel

  • Sarah Martin

  • Cyndi Shaw

  • Emily Kilroy

  • Katlyn Huff

  • Ari

  • Sarrah Yeager

In other really exciting news, tk002 (so named for now), has arrived!
my new computer!
what i'm using to type this right now!
It's a Dell XPS (M1530)
It's Vista, but that couldn't be heped. I'l just ave to learn to live with it. Or perhaps around it, depeding on what loopholes i find in the OS.
Intel Core 2 Duo CPU; 2.40 GHz; 4GB RAM; 32-bit; 285GB harddrive.
Hopefully, this computer wont crash and die like all the ones (and external hardrives) before it.
It's moderately shiny, and black on the outside at least! the inside is silver, which aso cant be helped. It can detect motion and read fingerprints.

I'm currently working on fleshing out and updating the software on it; i want to be thorough.
Ive given it Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Netscape, and Google's Chrome.
Ive given it Windows Media Player, Media Player Classic, Zoom Player, VLC Player, RealPlayer, and Quicktime.
Ive given it Azureus, and plan to give it other Torrent Clients in the future.
Ive given it Microsoft Office 2007.
Ive given it Textpad.
Ive given it 7 Zip.
I plan to give it Limewire and maybe other P2P Clients.
I plan to give it AIM, YIM, MSN Messenger, Skype, and perhaps other Instant Messangers.
Ive given it McAfee and uptaded Windows Defender, but im not really satisfied with just those and am investigating TrendMicro, Spybot S&D, and some other programs.
Im working to integrate it as fully as possible with Google desktop and Google's other harddrive-side applications, as well as similar plug-ins from Wikipedia and
Once i have (cheap) access to them again, I'm going to try and re-obtain all of Adobe's wonderful Photoshop, Dreamweaver, ColdFusion, Flash, Illustrator, and so on, as well as Visual Studio.
Ive given it Windows Movie Maker, but will require something better at some point.
The only area Im completely lacking is a good package to work with audio clips, as well as audio file type conversions. I dont know any.
Finally, Ive given it the CCCP, which, for now, contains all video and audio codecs i feel i might need.

Anyway, now that ive bored everyone, i'll take my leave.
Later Turkeys!