September 10th, 2008



I've been looking up.
It's been hard, without someone to fall back on, to really care about me, the way I'd like,
but I've gone ahead and taken the initiative on a few things.
Namely, my 'Operation ReTouch' (on Facebook) which I mentioned before.
That and my Stickam account, where I've been (starting to) video chat with all kinds of random strangers.
I started writing a very small amount of prose again, too, and thats a step in the right direction.
*shrug* Some things have to be done, and if there aren't and of my usual friends to take along on the ride, so be it!

(also, anyone else see the season premiere of Fringe (jjabrams' new show) last night?)
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Sarah P.

Sarah P.
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can you believe it? its that time again already! and by 'that time' i mean 'around 5:00 on a wednesday' and by 'already' i mean 'since last week'.

Hi, I'm at the liberry again, this time it's the third week of class. I know that, after the second week, the third week is pretty customary, but I figured I'd better call it out so that, if anyone in the future ever reads this, coming from a time when the second and the third of something have a bit more of an ambiguous relationship with one another, they will, with shock and original bias, begin to understand.

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That's something I've been writing today, during classes. Last night, I had a dream about [the person my yo-yo stick is named after]. that person said with some enthus that that person had finally managed to out-shine that person's sister at something. That person had been so (unnecessairly) happy.

That's just the kind of dream I have.