September 11th, 2008


Side-Story Excerpt

Where did I have to be????

Wasn’t there… 


     …..just a..moment, ago.. just a moment ago, I could have sworn there was..

					      		                     …an urgency…

                    but i..  i.. I cant remember? I cant remember, cant

what!? ..  

a sound??			   but.. where did it come from??

		Was there.. anything? A voice.

			My name.

						Someone knows…my name…

        someone's….    …here..

				….but i’ve forgotten….

		         …who it is…


Excerpt from Another Side-Story

I can't remember...eyes flickered open in a dizzy flurry. Pain. It fluttered through what I thought was my spine, down my extremities. Out.. out.. it moved outward in waves, covering my body, wracking through me.
I moaned.
Move, I thought to myself, phantom muscles expanding and contracting in my mind, to no effect. Shoot.
Concentrated effort. Focus. My eyes shut and opened again. Drawn out. Warm... warm ribbons, vision swimming as I strained to normalize my blinking.
My leg was cold. Was that new? I thought about my leg, trying to root out a difference between temperatures.
Light. Dark. Shadows were starting to come into clarity. Something was swinging - a light, maybe? Swinging.
Letting my head drop to the right, I experienced a whole new volley of needles, spreading across my shoulders and running up and down my arms. It stopped, though, this time, eventually, and I started to take inventory of my surroundings.
Unfortunately, there wasn't much to see. A steel filing cabinet filled my vision.
Suddenly, sound. A steady whirr, accompanied by a rhythmic clanking. I braced myself for what I knew would accompany the return of another sense, but it never came. Just the whirrrrrr-clank-whirrrrrr-clank, somewhere above.
I tried my limbs again, this time with more success, digits twitching one by one. Wrist pivoting, elbow flexing. There was still a biting agony to it, but it was starting to numb, my mind taking control of the pain impulses as it struggled to prioritize reasoning skills: Who am I? Where am I? How did I get here?