October 3rd, 2008


Writer's Block: Day of German Unity

It’s the Day of German Unity, marking the 1990 reunification of East and West Germany. In our current period of global instability, do you ever feel nostalgic for the seeming simplicity of the Cold War?

Today, Livejournal asked me if I missed the Cold War.

Yes. Yes I do. Let me tell you about how it makes me feel, every single morning that I wake up to a bright and sunny day, only to have the realization come crashing down on me again: the Cold War is over. It's depressing and disheartening. It's like the Writer's Block says, "simplicity". When did life trade simplicity for complexity? When did the world become a scary place for me, with an unsure future? Where every choice I make left me anxious thinking, "What if that wasn't the right one? What if I've just messed up my future, doomed my plans, limited my options?" When did these kinds of questions arise, as opposed to the peaceful changing of seasons in which I could sit back and smile as I watched my life unfold before me, confident and secure in the simplicity of life? That's right. All of that changed for me the day the Cold War ended.