April 1st, 2009


I think I want to solve Mysteries, but I'm not sure. Is that enough?

I've traveled recently.
It was a good time, and it didn't feel so empty afterwards like is sometimes does when the last person walks away and i think, 'that was amazing, but what now?'.

Still, who knows.

I spent my week with carol which is as i see it a great way to spend a week, even if she is mysterious.

i was in louisville for a bit around thursday friday saturday and sunday before last, in which time it should be noted that sarah got married.


i dreampt that night that I got on facebook and looked at all the pictures of the wedding that people had posted. In reality, I haven't.
I also had some desire to have had sent some sort of card or message to that event, but i had so little contact with the event that i did not. besides, i had months to think about it and still had no idea what i'd say.

monday morning i picked carol up and we spent the next several days exploring some of tennessee, the carolinas, and georgia alone.
it was a great deal of fun. our friendship is an interesting one. in my mind at least.

    we encountered
  • two haunted houses

  • one haunted room

  • a bunch of sharks

  • no sea turtles

  • two psychedelic mazes

  • (one had a secret room that would have been interesting..)

  • some pirates playing golf

  • dinosaurs and a GIANT SNAKE

  • a real Gunblade and some Keyblades and other cool weapons

  • a couple museums about strange things.

  • The biggest estate in America (no guns, but hotdogs)

  • Greenville, SC

  • and Carol's neighbor.

  • Also, Pancakes.

Friday night we hauled into Atlanta and, after checking into our hotel, headed down to my sister's place. I miss my sister.
anyway, it was awesome to see her and caleb and little baby Skylee Colette. Also, erin and allaen and tanner were there, which leads me to what was probably my biggest surprise of the trip (dont really know why it was a suprise to me, but i hadnt really had much personal information on the subject till now, and, for some reason isn't was i was expecting): Tanner is really cool. And by really cool I mean plain awesome.
So that's neat, and I got his phone number so now I can add him to the list of people I send texts to sporadically.

On that note, two people I had really hoped to see that I didn't get to:
  • Treni

  • NZ

Treni was busy (shes busy so much now! next time i have time to see her, i'm going to, no matter what!) and it was my own darn fault for never getting in touch with NZ :(

but no, i had a really good time with everyone in atlanta. one of the best times ive had in a looooooong time. it rocked. we all work well together. and im glad i can still say that about some of my friends.

and then me and Carol came back and that was that.

Built by Ancients so long ago,
The Stargate laid till we broke the code.
Now it takes us through the universe
On a mission to get back to Earth!

We are hunted and on the run,
and together we overcome,
fighting evil through the galaxy!
Stargate Infinity!