April 16th, 2009


(no subject)

Wake up; what's she doing in my bed anyway?

Just another day, just another way.


Friday, and it sorta feels kinda nice. Warm out? No, still cold. What's with this weather anyway? Quick slip, out of clothes, into clothes, gotta get dressed, gotta get ready, all that jazz. I wonder if I'm really alright; hit the day. Everything I do I can do in the dark, sunrise still greeting me as I gently close the door behind me.

Thursday, and I roll back over. Eyes won't open. Consciousness shifting tediously between dream and reality, balanced between. A little to the left. A little more. Fall back to dream. But the physics of my mind are not working properly, and my eyes open, a dull grey coming through the blinds. Uhh. What's today? Can I sleep? Thursday. Workday. Classday. Eventday. Uhh. I sit up. It's tonight, isn't it? When's that? When's now? Clock blinking '3:00'. Not very helpful, just bright. I lay back down. Enough of my mind's come online now for me to realize it's not very happy. Screaming at my skull. Cool pillow on my head. What was I doing last night?