February 13th, 2010


(no subject)

its late
and i really wish i was with you,
but im afraid i dont need you
and i sill really love you
and im scared now
every day seems to trap me more than the last
but i also remeber that as a denizen of life im completely free
and im uplifted
peace comes and goes as often as my loneliness
maybe tomorrow i'll need you again
claw my heart out without you again
wish we could hold hands and be friends
wish we could lie together and know the world
and today i feel alright alone
whats so good about you anyway
whats so good about me
were all sort of the same
but its simplicity thats beautiful
and our diversity that makes me need you
tell me i am strong when the world says i am weak
but i can tell myself that i am only different
i understand that pressue isnt meaningful
and that expectation is only valid when it is my own
still, i would rather wake up beside you
rather breathe your breaths and together hold the world so lightly
as if it doesnt weigh anything at all