March 6th, 2010


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I havent seen her in two months..
Did I abandon her.or worse,
Did I make the same mistake?? I said I'd never let someone go like that again...

or is this for the best?
Without me holding her back can she be herself again?

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out of the ocean and into the sea

no one has ever known anyone like you before

living life in the diamond of expression,
sleeping on your side in the cave beneath the falls,
washed away by foam

don't stop walking, tearing steps out of the ground,
can't stop your motion,
with your gaze you set it all down.

once in the forest,
twice by the sea,
trice in the city and then by your side

thousands of souls are rising and spiraling,
swept in the moment,
lost in your deep,

eyes like the sun and
explosions, down on the shoreline,
where you sit shine smiling.
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watched some stuff recently:
law abiding citizen: pretty sweet
dan in real life: also really sweet
howl's moving castle: awesome!!

heres the results for alice in wonderland: better than i had feared, not as good as I had hoped. really liked absolutely loved certain aspects of it, enough to make me want to see it again.

also saw avatar recently (finally) and it was pretty awesome too, tho there were definately short-comings. graphically, it was even more astounding that people said, and people said it was incredible.

been watching through rideback which i like, but theres a whole bunch of anime ive kinda gotten into but not really...hard to keep track of.

starting to watch thru avatar (the last airbender) seems pretty awesome too!

in other news one of the people i saw alice in wonderland with was erin monahan, which is just kinda interesting.